Writer Resume Template

If you are a writer and applying for a job, you will realize that you need to write a resume since you are applying for a job and you are having a hard time because it is your first time to do it. That is not a problem since you will have a writer resume template guide by reading this page.

Freelance Writer Resume Template

With a writers resume template or apa format resume template that you may also find on our website you able to write a tremendous resume that you can present to your employer. It will be your answer to stand out and get rid of worries you have. It does not matter whether you have an experience or not in creating a resume because what important is that you know what you are doing.

  • Complete name: You can put it in the center of the page. Must be at the top of the paper
  • Other personal information: Your address, email address, mailing address and contact information will be placed underneath your name
  • Objective: This will be your first heading in your resume. In this section, you need to have at least one to two sentences briefly explaining why you best fit for the job you is applying for. Make sure to make a good statement to get the attention of the recruiter
  • Publications: If you are a writer, maybe you have published articles, books or anything. Be sure to include them in your resume because it has a great impact for you to be accepted. If you have done lots of articles or books, you have higher chance to be accepted
  • Work history: This section should tackle about your employment history. Be sure to write the company where you worked for including dates and other details. If you are a freelance writer, you need to put the dates, clients and other details
  • Writing awards: It is better when you include information about writing awards you received in the past years. It will play a big role in your application and you have the assurance to beat your competitors when you show that you are the perfect match for the available position
  • Honors
  • Specializations
  • Education

If you have experience or not in writing a resume, it does not matter as long as you have a wonderful template to rely with. We have educational resume templates and some other ones for you to help. Use the template today and start to write your winning resume that convinces the employer that you’re the best applicant.