What’s New on the Functional Resume Template Market?

The resume industry is constantly evolving with new styles, themes and templates, and as a career builder and job applicant yourself, you may be interested to learn of the latest functional resume template and formats to give you that clear idea on what to use. This post is especially created to help you get started on the right track.

The Trends on the Functional Resume Template Today

  • Classic types present themselves as a modern and sleek looking design to adapt to most jobs, including corporate to creative ones. You can use it if you were in engineering, the media, the medicine field and baking industry, among others.

functional resume template

  • Finance and business offer you a presentation of strength and character if you were in the business sector. It works well for people in the executive or those trying to get into the corporate world.

functional resume template

  • ATS Optimized is a functional resume sample present layouts highlighted in big headers yet traditional font styles. They are designed to highlight your professional skills with keywords, but forgo with the graphics, tables and other elements related to the posting. It works best for those in the administrative, clerical and office jobs.

functional resume template

  • Entry Level resume formats are applicable to those who have just finished college or are looking for a career change. They can help with creating eye-catching resume templates that work even if you are yet to have your first job experience.

“A common piece of resume-writing advice is to keep it to a single page. A mid- or senior-level applicant can certainly be forgiven for going a bit over this “standard” length, but in general, one page is a good rule of thumb” BusinessNewsDaily.com

functional resume template

  • Creative and academic are best functional resume samples to those who are looking for jobs in the creative industry, so they may be yours if you were a painter, an actor or a book author. You can make use of this for prioritizing work experiences in the creative industry, along with significant job roles fulfilled. If you were in the academics though, you can use the academic format for highlighting your skills in publications and research.

functional resume template

How About Functional Resume Template: Is It Out?

Definitely not—in fact, it is the best resume template still because it focuses on your skills and competencies regardless of the number of times you have changed jobs or the number of years you have stopped from working.

If you want to stand out and shine, then the functional resume samples are still the best out there! Do not miss them out if you want to land on a dream job of your choice!