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Your resume is a crucial part in the application process for any job as this will serve as your first impression to your potential employers hence the necessity for it to be well written and effective. Functional resume is a commonly used style of resume and understanding its proper writing guidelines will help you impress hiring managers. You can use sample functional resume online; this will give you an idea and extensive preview on its formatting, structure, and even word choice. A great sample functional resume allows you to highlight previous work experience efficiently and provide your readers all the necessary information from background experience to skills which will establish your credibility for the position you are applying.

Functional Resume sample

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Another great advantage with sample of functional resume is that this can be used as writing guide. When using this resume style, you must list all the company names first particularly those prestigious ones as for your potential employer to get a sense of your work progress, responsibilities and duties. Make sure that you choose carefully the content that you will include in your resume most especially that you will be competing with numerous other applicants. In a sample functional resume, you will be able to see that your resume should be brief, cohesive and carefully thought out.

“Functional resume concentrates on general and specialized skills and abilities, rather than lengthy descriptions of each individual job. This resume can hide gaps between jobs (because dates can be deleted). Job candidates who are entering new fields or have experience unrelated to their career goals might want to choose this format” California State University

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In a functional resume, you should be consistent with using the title or the company first. As much as possible, maintain the efficiency of your resume by excluding previous jobs that may not be relevant for the position you are applying. There is also no need for you to put your jobs in chronological order so just put foremost the impressive companies first and work downward. Another great aspect with using sample functional resume is that this can be used as leverage as for your final resume to be professionally written which will maximize your chances of getting the job.

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