What Is a Functional Resume Template?

Applying for a job is one thing, but excelling in the process is another. Don’t waste your time applying without a good resume. Use a functional resume template or see what’s new on google shoping. In this template, your abilities, such as coaching, editing or writing will be highlighted rather than a list of work history or experiences you have done prior to this application. Although you will still have to highlight your work history, most functional resume formats only have it placed at the bottom of your resume.

functional resume template

How to Write a Functional Resume

To learn how to write a functional resume, you should know that this kind is commonly used if you have been changing your career completely or have employment gaps in working. This is the type used by those looking to change their industries, so a functional resume template will often reveal you with the following format.

  • Career Objective
  • Accomplishments/Achievements
  • Abilities/Capabilities
  • Work or employment history
  • Education background
  • References

What Is a Functional Resume?

This type of resume is used, as said earlier, by the people who have been looking to change their industries or planning to shirt in their career. Some of them are reentering the workforce and have been changing their jobs very often. Many of them are looking for a career change, too.

Lets see a template, which could be useful in our case:

functional resume template

Do not be mistaken though because the functional resume is usually those who have acquired the necessary skill they need in transferring to another job and many of these jobs are somehow related. For example, you have worked as a sales representative, so there is high chance that you are a good marketer, too. The same way for retail managers who might have also been responsible for coaching and evaluating employees.

After you have decided which experiences are most relevant to your chosen career, write short descriptive phrases for each job or activity. Use action verbs and emphasize skills: “designed new techniques for. . .” rather than “was responsible for design plans.” Whenever possible, give specific evidence to illustrate your skills. For example, “Designed new techniques for water-processing, saving the company $50,000 over a two-year period” is more persuasive than “Implemented many money-saving procedures” University of Illinois

Therefore, the functional resume template is commonly used when you are trying to draw attention from the gaps in your employment but rather to the skills that you have. Remember that this kind of format is concentrated on things you can do, your achievements and your competencies. This may be the correct way to write your resume if you belong to those highlighted above.

Are you ready creating a functional resume? Again, focus on highlighting your core competencies and skills and not on the long employment gaps, hopping or changes you made in your career!