What Is a Chrono-Functional Resume?

chrono-functional resume

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Choosing a Chrono-functional Resume

When deciding what type of resume to submit for a particular job, most people group their resume style choices into two segments. Chronological resumes list each job in order of the date that you held the position, while functional resumes group your experience into different segments based on the skill set being used (sales, service, management, etc.)

chrono functional resume template

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While both types of resumes are ideal for certain situations (in some cases its better to follow functional resume format) there is a separate resume type that is a perfect blend of both: the Chrono-Functional resume.

Chrono-Functional resume template

Using a Chrono Functional Resume Template

As the name indicates, a Chrono-Functional resume template will group your work experience into specific categories, and then it will list your work experience by date. This gives hiring managers insight into your particular skills and then shows them where you have worked in the past, letting your resume serve as a ‘best of both worlds’ introduction to you as an employee. It also helps recruiters who may have little experience reading functional resumes get an idea for your skill set while still being able to see a timeline of your previous experience.

Chrono-Functional resume sample

Since you are showing your functional skills at the top of a Chrono-Functional resume, a hiring manager will immediately get an idea of your skills. Many hiring managers are not in favor of a strictly functional resume as they can come across like you are hiding past periods of unemployment, so a Chrono-Functional resume is a step up because it shows hiring managers your employment history as well.

chrono functional resume sample

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Cos of a Chrono Functional Resume Sample

The downside to a Chrono-Functional resume is that it may be confusing to some hiring managers who are only used to looking at chronological resumes. If you are looking for a job in an industry that traditionally uses a chronological resume, using a Chrono-Functional resume may put you at an advantage over other candidates who are using functional resumes, as your format is a bit more understandable to the average recruiter who has no experience with strictly functional resumes.

“Make each page a full page. A partial page suggests deficiency and gives an impression that information has spilled over onto the second page. In such a case, try to compress your resume in one page. If the second page has considerable amount of information, try to use the full page” Resumonk.com

If you are interested in seeing a Chrono-Functional resume sample, click here and remember to read more resume writing tips from our writers.chrono-functional_combination_resume_exampleThis will give you an idea of exactly how you might be able to structure your own resume to better explain your functional skills, while still helping you show recruiters where you have worked in the past.

Follow our tips to create a top-notch chrono-functional resume!