What a Functional Style Resume Looks Like

A functional style resume is something that you might not have come across lately, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t effective like functional resume template at helping you explain your skills to a hiring manager in a succinct way.

functional resume template

If you’ve never seen a functional style resumes before, trying to create your own functional resume will end in disaster. Below are a few examples of functional style resumes that you can use as templates for your own resume.

functional-resume-sample-1Sample source : resume-resource.com

This functional style resume sample is a great example of a good administrative resume, and one that is able to show the exact skills that the applicant has been able to accrue over time. Not only does it show the skills that they have in the summary, but it also breaks down each type of skills in the experience section, something that differentiates a functional style resume from its chronological counterpart.

functional resume template

You will notice that there is an employment history section, but it doesn’t list any dates and serves more as an example of the caliber of companies that the applicant has worked at before, not the timeframe in which they worked at those places, or the skills required for the position there.


This functional style resume sample is interesting in that it also includes an objective. The objective can be a great way to show that you have a direction that you want your career to be heading in, and you believe that the job you are applying for will take you in that desired direction.

functional resume template

“Thoroughly research your job target before writing the first draft of your resume, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve been in the job market. Talk to people in your target industry, and read through relevant job postings on Monster to get a good idea of the qualifications employers are looking for. If you are changing careers, your research may prompt you to enroll in continuing-education classes to gain new skills” Monster.ca

Under the objective, you will see that many of the same sections are shown in this functional style resume, although the applicant has only grouped their skills into two specific sections. This is a great thing to do if you are specifically targeting a particular type of job in a relatively narrow industry, as it shows that you are specifically focusing your skills on only the things relevant to the job that you are looking for. You may have a number of other applicable skills, but you’ve left them off in favor of discussing the skills that are more relevant to your interviewer.

While these two functional style resume sample documents aren’t the be-all, end-all of functional style resumes, they are great examples of two ways that you can structure yours!