The Most Useful Books to Create a Winning Functional Resume Template

The functional resume templates remains the strongest choice as the best resume templates to use across industries because more than any other templates, this one sells you effectively. In years, a functional resume format proves itself most important for all kinds of job applications across all types of industries. Now to get you guided in constructing the right resume template using the functional format, check out the top books recommended by expert resume editors and writers!

“Make it clear and straightforward. Use simple text in one modern, standard font that is easy to read, and that everyone can understand. As everything in your resume is about your experiences, avoid writing in first or third person. For example, instead of writing “I managed a team of three”, or “Sarah managed a team of three” rather write “responsible for managing a team of 3″ in concise bullet points below headlines where necessary”

Five Best Functional Resume Template Books to Use

How To Write A Resume And Cover Letter That Interests Employers And Gets You A Job

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Building the Looking-Glass Résumé

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Winning Resumes By Robin Ryan 

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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Perfect Resume, 5th Edition

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All these five references make use of easy to understand language with well-written pages most suitable even for entry-level job seekers. They are fully loaded with guides and tips that will help you create the most amazing resumes to increase your chances of landing on your dream position/company. Aside from these references, check out the next section for a brief summary on writing a functional resume:

How to Write a Functional Resume

Complete name
Address and zip code
Mobile or landline number
Email address
Career objective
Summary of qualifications (Highlight your core competencies you think are relevant to the job application, but skip the least significant details to take up space without adding value)
Summary of experiences (List down the most important jobs regardless of order in date, but use a consistent format)

Above are the best references materials in coming up with the right functional resume you need in your upcoming or current job application. Check out each of them and pick up good pointers applicable to you.

Finally, use the tips on how to write a functional resume stated and win in your next job application!