Pros and Cons of Writing a Functional Resume

When it comes to writing a good resume, using the proper format and style is important as a highly-qualified help with a CV – knowing and using all the tips and hacks will definitely impact the success of your application. If you are using a functional resume, knowing the advantages and disadvantages will enable you to effectively decide whether or not this will be the best solution to your application woes. Here are top 5 of pros of cons in writing a functional resume.

Pros of Writing Functional Resume:

writing a functional resume

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  1. Writing a functional resume allows you to immediately demonstrate your level of proficiency as this highlights key skills, experiences, credentials, and qualifications.
  2. An IT functional resume basically entails the most pertinent information that will enable the hiring managers to automatically assess and see your potential contribution to the company.
  3. You can customize when writing a functional resume which allows you to see choose your experiences and qualifications that will serve the company you are applying.
  4. Functional resumes are also great for applicants who wish to change careers as these only show experiences but do not require specific dates enabling you to hide your years of transitions.
  5. Writing functional resume is the perfect method for those who are applying for executive or managerial positions are given that they emphasize your accomplishments instead of focusing on unnecessary details.


  1. One of the disadvantages when writing a functional resume template is that this shows very little information on your overall experiences as this allows applicants to hide details.
  2. When written improperly, functional resumes can often lead to unsuccessful application given that you have limited knowledge on how to use this format to your advantage.
  3. Writing functional resume is often not reader-friendly and will require extensive knowledge on format and style used to make sure that this resume type is perfect for you.
  4. Not all applicants can use functional resumes. Functional resumes are most effective when you have diverse experiences, college students with limited credentials, career changers, military transitioners and those with executive level qualifications.
  5. Consider getting help from professional resume writers if you are unsure about writing a functional resume as especially that this can easily create problems if not used accurately.

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