Professional Functional Resume Template – How Your Resume Should Look in 2016

Distinguish Your Application with Professional Functional Resume Template

professional functional resume template

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There are many ways for you to take advantage of functional resume format to your advantage especially that this allows you to select the most important information. If you are consistently failing job applications, it may be time to consider the use of professional functional resume template. Job search industry is getting tough and competitive so the best way for you to maintain your edge is through the use of an effective and powerful resume. Templates of functional resume is standard but the content and layout varies depending on your needs so make sure to understand the guidelines first before using it.

Get Proper Format of Professional Functional Resume Template

The basic format of a professional functional template would be:

Applicants Name

Complete Address

Contact Information


Summary of Qualifications

  • Brief summary of skills, achievements and responsibilities.


  • Job title and main responsibilities.
  • This can include employer name and dates.

Licenses and Certifications
Awards and Professional Memberships

A functional resume concentrates on skills, qualifications and credentials that are related to the job position you are applying instead of focusing on the various jobs that you had. Generally, functional resumes are effective for those seeking executive positions and those who want to change their careers.

“Young adults tend to load their resumes up with industry buzzwords to make themselves appear more professional. But most of the time there’s no value in these words. For instance, buzzwords and phrases like “proactive,” “team player” and “detail-oriented” are so overused, they hold little meaning for hiring managers and recruiters anymore” Huffington Post

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