Nurse Resume Template

With a nurse resume template, it gives you an idea how you begin to create your resume if you are applying as a nurse. You can check writer resume template and some other ones by using our website. With the template, it gives you enough information on what you will include and what you should omit to impress the hiring manager.

Nursing Resume Template for a Winning Resume

  • Full name

  •  Address, phone number and email add
  • Objective: It is important to have an objective in nursing resume templates as well as in educational resume templates so that the employer knows what you want to happen. It is where you state why you are applying for the position and what you can offer to the organization. Be sure it is not longer two sentences.
  • Experience: In all nursing resumes templates, adding experience is necessary. It is essentially important to include about your experience for the employer to know whether you have experience or don’t have. Be sure to list relevant experience that will put you in the best spot. You need to include the year, name of the company, address and duties.
  • Education: In listing your education, you need to write the most recent. You need to write the year you graduated the name of the university, degree earned and any awards you obtained.
  • Certifications and Licensures: This is an important part for your application. You need to include it with your resume. Include any certifications you obtained to increase your chance to be hired. Start to write with the most recent.
  • Professional Memberships: If you have professional memberships to any companies, you can also include it but when you don’t have, just leave it out.
  • Interests: This section should explain about your interests. It must be short and concise. You need to make it personal by listing your goals and hobbies.

Creating a resume will not be difficult when you use have nursing resumes templates and you can do well with the help of the template presented above. It will be your solution that to spend much time thinking what format you use, how you arranged the details and how the employer likes your resume.

If you are done making an outline and think of information you will put in your resume, begin to make your resume today!