Mini Resume Template

A mini resume is a business card with contact information, career highlights and headline. It’s definitely a lick to your complete resume. The purpose of it is to support your networking efforts and for you to be notice also.

Mini Resume Sample

good Mini Resume TemplateWe have targeted resume template and some other ones on our website. Here is a sample of mini resume template you can choose when you decided to create mini resume for your professional networking efforts and for other purposes. If you know what to include, the employer will have an idea about what you have, what you obtained and where to contact you if he/ she is interested to you.

Front of the resume:

  • Full name
  • Headline (job title, field or profession)
  • Email add
  • Telephone or cellphone number

Back of the resume

  • At least three career accomplishments or highlights that you think get the attention of the employer or hiring manager
  • An online address or QR code that directs people to your profile or resume

In addition, you need to make sure that your card must be tasteful, professional and simple. Resist the temptation in including too much or irrelevant information. Your mini resume must be full of tiny type. You need to make sure there are no blank spaces because it won’t help you in your networking efforts.

What Not to Include in Your Mini Resume

  • In a mini resume template, there are guides you need to follow and you should avoid including unnecessary information such as personal information related to ethnicity, marital status, age, physical appearance or children. Be sure that your email address doesn’t inadvertently disclose personal details.
  • Handwritten updates or changes
  • Salary information
  • Irrelevant details
  • Any references

If you are looking for a job, it is required that you always carry your mini resume with you just like your business cards. Keep in mind that networking opportunities occur anywhere and anytime. It is better when you know a good template you can use because it helps you to get a job. We provide you with some more templates, like combination resume templates and some others of different kinds. It will be your answer so that you do better and get a job you need for yourself.

Start to have and use the mini resume template above today!