HR Functional Resume -the Do’s and Don’ts in 2016

hr functional resume

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When writing your HR resume, it is important that you not only submit an updated version but also choose the best resume format. One of the most popular formats used by many is HR functional resume as this enables the applicant to readily showcase its work experiences and qualifications. If you are using functional format for your resume, here are top 5 do’s and don’ts to make sure that your resume will be professionally written.

Do’s for Human Resources Functional Resume

  1. The first section of your HR functional resume should be your contact information including name, contact numbers and address. Your name should have the largest font compared to the subsequent information.
  2. Next would be the employment records in which will show your qualifications. Functional resumes should omit dates but list only specific jobs and employers.
  3. After your qualification summary, HR functional resume template should list relevant skills and personal experiences. Choose skills and experiences that are most relevant to the job you are applying.
  4. Lastly would be the education section; this should offer basic information. If deemed necessary, you can also include organizations, university name or your GPA.
  5. To guarantee that your HR functional resume will be successful, always customize this based on the job opportunity and requirements.


  1. Never include unprofessional or fallacious information in your 2016 resume template.
  2. Avoid crowding your human resources functional resume with too much information. Keep in mind that hiring managers will only have seconds to look through resumes so get to the point.
  3. Do not submit a resume that is outdated and generic especially that employers can easily determine subpar resumes.
  4. If you want your resume to be purely functional, stick to the essentials. Do not add unnecessary details that will only lengthen it without giving them a strong case of your expertise.
  5. Never send out a HR functional resume that hasn’t been proofread and edited. If you need help, there are online services online that can provide you quick assistance.