Generic Resume Template

As an important part of job searching, generic resume template focuses on simple style, content and format. The formats are easy and adaptable for employers and recruiters to digest.  A generic resume offers a template structure from which to modify or develop according to personalized and specific requirements.

Generic Resume Sample

good Generic Resume TemplateWe have a lot of webpages with mini resume template and different other types of resume templates. This page will present one of the good generic resume examples you can use. If you are having hard time thinking on what template you will use for your resume, then following this guide or applying it in creating your resume is a good option.

  • Name
  • Street address
  • Phone number
  • City, state, zip and email address
  • Summary of qualifications ( in this part you need to use action verbs in making a summary about your qualifications, experiences and skills. 3 to 6 lines of text is typical; however, it is not necessary. You should always strive for conciseness. If you use bullets, include a column.
  • Special skills
  • Professional experience (company name, city, year, brief description of the company)
  • Summary of responsibilities (one to two sentences)
  • Accomplishments (it should be the most significant related to the position you are applying. You can include a challenge, how you face it by presenting results)
  • Certifications/ Education (degree, name of the university, city, state) You need to list the highest level education first before you list the next and the rest
  • Professional affiliations (title, position, name of the affiliation, city, state and year joined)
  • Technical skills
  • Military experience

There you go one of the examples you can check out for generic resume template. If you want you can also find targeted resume examples and a bunch of other ones. When you don’t have any idea on what you should do, your one stop solution is to search for generic resume examples. If this is your first time to make a resume, just keep it simple but professional looking. Employers prefer it especially it it’s easy to read and understand. They do not need to spend lots of time understanding and reading your resume. If you want to be hired or to get an interview, start to make your resume today by using the perfect template.

Otherwise, you can consult the pros in creating resumes for higher employment chances today!