Functional Resume Format

Functional Resume Format to Draw the Attention of Readers

Functional resume (what is a functional resume) has been gaining popularity by many job seekers as this offer an opportunity to try a different approach on resume writing. We all know that resume formats are crucial factor in crafting a customized resume which is why you should make sure that you adhere to proper guidelines. A functional resume format is different from conventional resume as this avoids the usual chronological order. The main concept of functional resume formats is to draw the attention from the lengthy work experience and skills based resume template long gaps in changing careers and other job hopping experiences.

Functional Resume Formats to Highlight Core Competence

Functional Resume Format TemplateThe main success of functional format resume is that it highlights what you can do to the company, your achievements and your core competency towards productivity. Functional resume format is popularly used especially by fresh graduates that have limited work experience and merely rely on their expertise in their field. Functional format resume is also effective to job seekers that are looking to change career paths and deemed previous work experience unnecessary to the current objectives of their new industry. Remember to properly use functional resume format; any errors in its format could compromise your chances in getting an interview.

“Avoid the fancy-schmancy layout, font, and other special effects. Stick to traditional font of Times New Roman, 9 to 12 point size, and black type against a white paper. You might try a different type size for your name and the companies you have worked for, perhaps your title. But try to be consistent. Go easy on boldface type, italics, and underlining” Forbes

Get Expert Help in Proper Functional Resume Format

The common functional resume format is (1) Objective, (2) Accomplishments, (3) Capabilities, (4) Employment History, (5) Education and (6) References. Remember to carefully consider all information you will include in your resume; this must address the job description of the company. Resume formats and layouts should be impressive and appealing in order to lure in the attention of your readers.

Take your time to proofread any errors in your resume and do not forget to check samples available online!