Functional Resume Format for Secretary

resume of a secretary

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Writing a resume for secretarial job must need to be effective and it must be different from others. If you want to stand out, you should craft a wonderful resume that contains something different. A resume is your marketing tool so be sure is the great.

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Specialties for Secretary Job

There are many specialties for the job that deals with executive assistant, executive officer, office administrator, administrative officer and personal assistant position. All of these are related to being a secretary and it requires that applicant should possess the necessary specialties needed for it. It is better when you highlight about your experience or what you have contributed in the company.

Writing Resume for Secretary Job

resume for secretary job

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If you need to write a resume for secretary job, you need to ensure it is of high quality. If you will use the functional resume template since you do not have much experience or there are gaps with your work experience, be sure that you use the format perfectly.

  • Skills: Here are some of the skills that you can include in writing your resume of a secretary. You can write that you are expert in Microsoft Office especially in Excel, you are bilingual and you know English and Spanish language. You are tech savvy and web savvy, but you will only include skills that you possess Do not copy from other skills especially if you do not have it. Employers will want to know what you have that is different from other applicants.
  • Personal qualities: Some of the qualities you can write are that you are honest, hardworking and reliable. If there are still some qualities you want to include, feel free to write it on your paper.
  • Objective: You need to write an objective in your resume in relation to what you are applying.
  • Education: Your education should start from your recent education, which means you need to write about your college education, followed by high school and elementary education.

To know more details, check the internet for example secretary resume. It will help you on what are good formats to use and what you still should know.