Functional Resume Format for Physical Therapist

resume for physical therapist

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The functional resume for physical therapist is a nice choice for inexperienced workers. It includes people who are entering a workplace for the first time and for experienced individuals who are making a career change. A functional resume emphasizes what the individual learned and what skills he possesses.

Specialties of Physical Therapist Job

physical therapist resume template

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Many physical therapists specialize in the rehabilitation of amputees and aquatic physical therapy. There is also a specialty in balance, dizziness, and vertigo rehabilitation. There is also a specialty of cardiac and pulmonary, ECS, fitness and wellness, geriatric physical therapy and others. Whatever specialty in physical assistant you choose, you need to meet the requirements.

Physical Therapist Resume Template

  • Complete name
  • Objective
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Qualities
  • Awards
  • References

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This is a simple physical therapist resume template that you can use in writing your resume. On the other hand, in writing the skills section, it is essential that you write what you possess. Here are examples.

  • Communication skills: It includes all levels of communication like speaking, interacting, verbal, expressing yourself and writing.
  • Team player skills: It refers on working with other people, helping each other and sharing details.
  • Leadership skills: This is vital that should be included in your resume because it shows that you’re visionary and able to lead others as well as to take the responsibility.
  • Attention to detail: This is a nice attribute and employer checks on it. It means that when you have it, you pay attention to small details.
  • Personal drive and enthusiasm: Hiring managers or recruiters are more interested to applicants who show enthusiasm on what they do like completing required tasks.
  • Initiative: It means that you are thinking outside of the box and you come up with different ideas.
  • Management and organizational skills: You have proper management of resources and time. You are focus in working.

If you are still curious on what applicants are including in their resume, check out physical therapy resume sample to know what you want. Be sure to start writing your resume now while you have much time left. Use a functional resume templateGet a help if you need and before submitting, read it again to check for mistakes.