Functional Resume Format for Nursing

resume examples for nursing

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Many industry experts tend to use a functional resume as their format in writing a resume because they believe that they possess more skills and qualities compared to their experience. In addition, it is used by people who have inexperienced.

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Specialties for Nursing Job

sample resume for nursing

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There are different specialties for nursing job such as CCRN that is responsible for neonatal and pediatric care. PCCN that is responsible for progressive care nursing, CMC that focus on cardiac medicine subspecialty and others. The requirement is that students should able to complete their degree.

Resume Examples for Nursing: Important to Know

As much as possible, you should know about resume examples for nursing to have a guide. The guide will help you on what skills that applicants are including in their resume. Here are some of the things to know.

Skills and Personal Qualities: Here are sample resume for nursing skills that applicants are writing in their paper. A functional resume sample includes strong personal and verbal communication skills, critical thinking, decision-making, and initiative, self-motivated and maintains a great level of energy. You can also include about attention to details, organization and prioritization skills. When it comes to qualities, you can write that you are flexible and tolerant to different situations. You can analyze problems and ability in solving problems efficiently.

For effective communication, you should show that you know how to listen to instructions carefully. Writing about your technical and computer literacy will show to the employer that you understand basic up to advanced computer software. Writing creativity or problem solving skills will show that you can able to process date, formulate vision and to reach a good resolution. Regardless, there are still other skills that applicants mention in their resume which include interpersonal abilities, teamwork skills, diversity sensitivity, organizing and planning.

Do your best to know great resume samples for nurses because it gives you enough idea on what format you can use. Writing a functional resume is not easy that is why invested enough time to write. As much as possible, when you know what you will do; start to write now so that you can still make revisions or changes in your paper if it is needed.