Functional Resume Format for Mechanical Engineer

resumes for mechanical engineers

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Mechanical engineers oversee and design production of mechanical devices. They know about technical aspects of their job and know about mechanical engineers design. This page presents what resumes for mechanical engineers should have.

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Specialties of Resumes for Mechanical Engineers

When it comes to specialties, mechanical engineers can choose what fields they want to like working in the field of product design that develops products that range from gasoline-powered engines to biomedical devices. They can also work in research and development that discover a new solution for human needs or manufacturing that develops new machines processing materials to become good products. They can choose systems management that oversees operations of large systems like a power plant and others.

Sample Resume for Mechanical Engineer

sample resume for mechanical engineer

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In this sample resume for mechanical engineer, you will know what personal qualities and skills that a person must mention in his resume when applying for the position of mechanical engineer. Knowing it will help you to know what you must include in your functional resume template.

  • Skills: Mechanical engineers are using variety of technologies like advanced process software and computer-aided design software. In the skills, you can mention that you can assist them with selection of materials with the use of complete design, design manufacture and cost analysis. You need to list the skills briefly so that it will be easy to understand. For skills, you can write excellent in physics and mathematics, well verse with principles in engineering, good problem-solving skills as well as good knowledge of CAM or CAD.
  • Personal qualities: Applicants have different personal qualities that impress the employer that is why you also need to list some of best qualities such as excellent communication skills, hardworking, ability in grasping new skills and excellent knowledge of the core of mechanical subjects.

There you have one of the good samples of mechanical engineering resumes that you should know. It will help you on what skills and personal qualities you need to include. In writing the functional technical resume template, you must also know about the format that you will use because it is different from other types of resume format.

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