Functional Resume Format for Lawyer

resume format for lawyers

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Functional resume format for lawyers is not easy to write, but since they are professional, they can able to have easy task when they have a guide. In law, there are numerous specialties that require certain requirements.

Specialties for Resume Format for Lawyers

resume for a lawyer

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Here are some of the specialties for lawyers such as administrative law, admiralty and maritime law, animal law, corporate counsel, criminal law, employment law, entertainment law, environmental law, estate planning and others. Applicants must need to possess a bachelor’s degree and as much as possible possess certain years of experience.

Lawyer Resume Examples

If you check out some resume format for lawyers samples, you will see some summary of the applicants’ summary and what qualities they have. The samples are only your basis and you should not copy and information from it. Here are some of the skills that you can mention when you are applying for the position. It includes computer savvy, good customer service, great written correspondence, general office skills, project management, report preparation, insurance billing and others.

When it comes to personal qualities, you can mention that you are good in preparing complex reports, you are hardworking, reliable, honest and flexible. Whatever good qualities you have that are needed in the position, write it. You can also mention that you are always on time, passion in helping other people and much more.

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Since you are writing a functional resume, it must be crafted perfectly. Not all applicants choose this format because it is difficult to make since you will be focused more on skills and with your qualities. Therefore, use a functional resume template to avoid formatting mistakes. You can also include your education and other headings in your paper. In writing the education section, start from the recent going down.

Knowing good lawyer resume examples will help you to understand what functional resume is all about. It gives you an idea on what is the proper format and what headings it only contains. Doing a little research in writing your resume is advisable. In addition, you should know what would be the best format you will use in writing. When you know what you will do, begin to write your resume today!