Functional Resume Format for HR Manager

resume for hr manager

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In writing resume for HR manager, it is essential to include about your skills, accomplishments, experience and others. Your skills should be highlighted especially if you do not have much experienced or there are gaps with it.

Resume for HR Manager Specialties of the job

sample hr resumes

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In here, you can write bilingual business administrator with ten years of experience or marketing manager with a broad range of experience in aspects of communications plans, development marketing, coordination events and others. In the HR manager position, there are numerous specialties required and you should able to show and write it. Some of the specialties needed for the job require experience in recruiting, real staffing skills and much more.

Need a resume for marketing manager? Glance at our sample!

Sample HR Resumes

When you check sample HR resumes, you will see that the resume of each applicant differs from one another especially on their personal qualities and skills. If you want to write a functional resume, skills and personal qualities must be included.

  • Skills: You can write more skills to prove that you can do the job excellently and you can able to meet their needs. You need to demonstrate quantified as well as specific skills such as initiated a new training program for a company that increases the productivity by 40%. Reconstructed plans as well as a developed participation strategy that resulted in 80% success. You can also include designed new team support, motivational program and cooperation that reduced the employee turnover by over 50%.
  • Personal qualities: In writing your resume, you need to highlight your personal qualities because it will be checked by employers. You can write about your special knowledge you possess like specific computer program’s skill or write that you are honest, loyal, flexible and hard working.

Aside from this, before you start writing your functional resume template, you need to know about HR resume format because it will be your guide on what section you will write. The format will be your basis of what sections you need and what you do not need. Start to write your resume today while you have much time left and when you want to get that position.