Five Great Functional Resume Builder Programs

Choosing Your Perfect Functional Resume Builder

Functional resume template
Are you in the midst of a job search? Looking for the best functional resume format Building a great functional resume to go along with your job hunt can be difficult, but fortunately there are plenty of resources out there to help you get the job done right. Below are five of the best functional resume builder programs that you can find online today and which could help you out with comprehensive functional resume templates:

functional resume builder
This functional resume maker is a great tool for those who want a DIY option that is simple to use. While there might be a few things that are confusing inside this tool, much of the operation is simple to grasp and you can quickly use this service to build a functional resume that will get the job done. They advertise that over 11 million people have already used this service, and even if that number were halved it would still be impressive. This is a definite candidate for the top functional resume builder software out there.

functional resume builder

While Resume-Now is simple to use, one of the selling points of MyPerfectResume is the fact that they have pre-written examples for you to use in your resume. While you should never use stock samples in your final draft resume, these samples can give you a good idea of how to structure your resume and an example of the language that you should be using when writing the actual document. These pre-written examples and the ease of use of the software make MyPerfectResume another great functional resume maker for the DIYer.

functional resume builder

While the other two options are have a few more bells and whistles, ResumeGig is a great choice for simple, minimal functional resume builder software that just lets you get to work creating your resume. In terms of ease-of-use, this one is the best, although the resumes leave a bit to be desired relative to the two options above.

functional resume maker

Are you interested in a functional resume builder that makes creating a resume as easy as filling out a form? ReadWriteThink has a great interactive resume generator that works as a chronological or functional resume maker depending on which option you pick. It walks you through each step of the process and makes the resume creation process much less stressful.

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Are you looking for a functional resume maker that you don’t have to sign up for? ResumeGenius may be losing out on this deal, as you can go through the entire resume creation process without signing up for an account, which is nice if you don’t feel like giving your information to yet another untested online service. Take a look at the final product and if you like it you can sign up for an account and save your resume for later use.

“Free resume builders are useful tools that help you assemble your work history and experience into a well-organized resume with ease. A good resume builder enables you to create a resume that fits the job you’re going for and highlight the best aspects of your professional profile” JobScan.Co

Use a Functional Resume Maker and Create a Masterpiece

Each of the above functional resume builder software packages offers something slightly different, but they will all help you create a great functional resume that you can use in your next job interview.

Give one a shot, and you may be surprised how easily your functional style resume appears right before your eyes!