Curriculum Vitae Templates

Curriculum vitae are commonly referred as CV that includes the summary of your academic background and education. When you don’t know how to construct your resume or want to find more curriculum vitae templates – it would be really useful to get some professional CV help, where the best experts can provide you with all of the needed information and advice. Curriculum vitae templates are essential because it is your guide when you don’t know how to get started. It will be your one-stop solution so that you will not make any mistakes.

We offer nurse resume template and some other ones made by our professional team. The truth is that you need to choose the template that is perfect for you so that you can able to highlight the best aspects of your credentials and professional background. Keep in mind that employers want to hire an applicant that has the experience, training and meet their requirements. If you don’t have much experience or your experience does not fall in the above areas, what you need is a resume instead of a curriculum vitae.

Professional Curriculum Vitae Template

  • Contact Information: Name, address, telephone number, cell phone number and email address;
  • Personal Information: Date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, visa status and sex;
  • Optional personal information: Marital status, spouse name, and children;
  • Employment history: This section should be listed in an a chronological order which include dates and position details. You need to make a list about your work history, research, training and academic positions;
  • Education: In this section, you need to include about dates, details of degrees, major, certification, and training. You need to make a list of the name of your high school, university, graduate school and post doctoral training;
  • Professional qualifications: It is where you write about your computer skills, certifications, accreditations and other skills you gained. You can list your awards, publications, interests and professional memberships.

You can find freelance writer resume template and many different templates on our website. Whatever template for curriculum vitae you choose to have and use, your success depends on what details you will write. It does not purely rely on the template you use but it also about what information you will include. With that in mind, it is required that you include information that makes you stand out and compete with other applicants.

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