Best Resume Samples 2018

We all want to always get the job when we apply, but this doesn’t happen too often, really. But can be there an option to make it possible? Get the job when we apply without having to worry too much? Well, using a good resume sample can always be the best idea, making your resume more effective in its entirety.

proper resume templates to followA good resume format 2018, for example, can make your resume much more engaging and interesting to see. And that’s what recruiters are looking for, interesting resumes with the right information and easy-to-read structure. That’s why making a resume 2018 following a good example is always a wonderful idea that could get you the job you desire.

But how do you use one of these resume samples? What should your resume look like in 2018? And how exactly using one of these will help? Take a look further and find out!

How Using a Good Resume Format 2018 Can Help You

When you use a resume sample, especially when it is effective and good-looking, you are immediately making sure you have the perfect beginning to start your resume the way you desire. Yet, there are many other benefits you get from using a resume format to improve the quality of your resume:

As said before, a good resume format with the proper structure and layout can be much more effective when it comes to engaging recruiters. When you use a good resume sample as an example your chances of making an effective resume to get a job increase immensely, as you are using a format that may be successful.

  • Creativity

Using a resume sample can help you find out where you can improve your own resume, making it more interesting, engaging, and overall more creative and interesting to see. Using your creative to fill the spots you think a simple resume doesn’t fill out can make your resume a lot more effective.

  • Presentation

Nowadays, resume formats are often much more focused on presentation than in anything else. This means being much more visually focused and graphically-oriented than just having information about yourself. Using one of these formats can eventually make your resume better for certain cases, especially if you are someone in the creative work field.

  • Keywords

It’s not a secret that resumes now have to comply with certain requirements that were not important in the past, like keywords. These keywords can be used in many ways throughout the resume, but a good resume format 2018 may tell you exactly where you need to use them to be more effective for recruiters and ATS.

Latest Resume Rules 2018 Everyone Should Use

There are many different trends nowadays that people follow to make their resumes better, yet only a few really work to make a resume be more efficient and interesting for recruiters. Want to know which these are? Take a look:

Targeting the resume

There’s no better way to make a resume be more effective than actually targeting it to the job posting you want to apply for. When you target your resume with the right info and format according to the job post, you make a better impression on the recruiters – especially if you use the skills, experience, and other main requirements as the focus of your resume.

White spacing

It may seem unnecessary, but most resumes made nowadays have a lot of white space wonderfully added to make each resume easier to read and comfortable. When there’s not too much space and the info is all tight, recruiters tend to find it annoying or even difficult to read, throwing out the resume for not being engaging. When you add the space, the results are the other way around, but only when you know how to do it effectively.

Achievements over experience

Yes, the experience will always be important for a resume, they will let your potential employers know what you can offer according to your experience. Yet, when you add your achievements and focus on them, it lets recruiters know that you are someone capable and result-oriented, especially if your achievements are important and significant.

Benefits of hiring someone like you

Exactly like that, when you tell recruiters what you can offer directly as an asset, they will take it into account. Not many people do this actually, but those who do it tend to get more opportunities and interviews due to being more effective. It is just about telling your potential employers that you are a giver, that you are a good worker who expects to give more than what he expects to receive.

Social media use

There’s no doubt about how social media can improve your profile, especially when your social media looks professional. Many people, especially designers, photographers and the like – tend to get a lot of benefit from using their social media in their resume thanks to how much more information they can show there. It allows companies to know more about each applicant, adding a lot more value to the resume.

Fresh photos

People had the custom to use pictures of themselves in a professional and serious way, sometimes not even smiling. Nowadays, it is a custom that a picture on resume 2018 should be more interesting, engaging yet always looking professional enough. Resumes today can be travel photos, casual photos, and much more – and not exactly a serious one with a suit or a white shirt and a tie.

Short resumes

If you’ve wondered how a resume should look 2018 – well, the answer is simply short. Brief, direct, concise and simply effective resumes without unnecessary information. Let the company know your name, your achievements, your abilities and what you can offer – keep it short and let your resume be much more effective. Recruiters nowadays don’t like to read access of info in applicant’s resume, they want people who get to the point, they want applicants who are more effective with a short resume.

Use of keywords

There’s no doubt about how keywords help immensely to make a resume be much more effective. Using the right keywords according to the job posting and your profile as a professional make resumes look a lot better.  Now, with ATS machines that scan keywords before recruiters can see them to match potential good candidates, the use of keywords is almost obligatory as well as it is a trend.

Top Resume Examples 2018

Targeted resume sample

Career plans – what to offer

“Here the solicitant raises his qualities, his goals for the future and he wants to contribute to the work.”

Personal information

  • Names & last names
  • Age
  • Address
  • Burn date
  • Civil status
  • Phone number
  • And so on

Studies – academic degrees

“The information is usually bulleted in order to place academic degrees by time”

  • Primary school
  • High school
  • University
  • Specialization & Masters


“Here, the applicant needs to portray all the previous job positions he’s been at and all the achievements or results he got”

  • Increased sales
  • Improve team working
  • Managed several problems effectively

Short resume sample

“This kind of template is simply structured, just two sections where personal information and skills/achievements are placed or mentioned”


  • Name
  • Last name
  • Academic degree
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Address



  • Skills and abilities related to your profile and work environment
  • Achievements & work history
  • Certifications
  • And so on

How to Make the Best Format for Resume 2018

As you know already, there are certain trends and formats you can use to make your resume 2018 look a lot better, be more effective and improve your overall applicant to a job. But, how do you exactly put all of that to good use? Here’s how:

  • Always try to make your resume briefer and more direct.
  • Focus more on your value as a worker and less about your goals.
  • Use a lot of bullets and short sentences.
  • White spaces and a good organization always pay well.
  • Always go for templates and formats that highlight your profile better.
  • Creative resumes are better for people in creative work fields like design, photography and so on.
  • Use infographics as well.

Need Help with Your Resume Sample?

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