APA Format Resume Template

APA format originated from American Psychological Association. There are formal disciplines and academic prefer and adopted APA styling. The fact is that you can use APA format in writing your resume. We offer you to check APA format template as well as education resume template. If you want to be unique and original, you should know how to use APA format resume template to stand out to be noticed.

APA Resume Template

Just like other formats, you also need to provide same heading to employers but with different information. You need to do your best in putting the best details so that the hiring manager will be happy and satisfied with what he will read.

  • Name (larger font compared to other information)
  • Leave one space or put an underline beneath your name, then type about your city, state, zip, email address and contact number
  • Personal information: It is where you write about your birth date, citizenship and other information that is necessary
  • Education: You need to write first about your earned degree, major, university name, state and year graduated
  • Honors and Awards: This section is about the list of your academic honors, fellowship scholarships, graduation prizes, awards and others. Be sure to list every award with the name of the granting institution and date awarded
  • Professional experience: Begin this section with your college years. You need to list all your work you have done related to the job position. You can include research positions with a brief description. In each experience you put, be sure to have at least short description.
  • References: It is where you list the name of the people who you asked to serve as your references. You need to have at least three references by listing their names, titles and addresses.

It is easy to make a resume when you have a guide. With APA resume template, it helps you to have a layout and only think of information you will put. You can find many different samples of resume on our website including computer programmer sample resume and many more. To create a wonderful resume, you need to do your best and show what the employer is looking for. You need to show that you are the perfect candidate for their company or organization.

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